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The Bar

A few photos of our bar


Beer Worth Shouting About

Just some of the many beers that stand out from the rest and are worth remembering.


Selecting The Bow Bar Whisky

On March 21st 2018, the management of The Bow Bar travelled to Dumfries to visit the Creative Whisky Co to select our own

casks of whisky. This would become part of an exclusive range of single cask whiskies only available in the bar

Scottish Hospitality Awards 2018

We travelled to Glasgow for a fun night out as we were nominated for 'Best Bar in Scotlad'.


AA Hospitality Awards 2017

3 members of the bar travelled down to London as we were up for 'Best Pub in Scotland'

at the very prestigious award ceremony.


ANZAC Brew Days

Once a year, we brew our ANZAC Biscuit Ale with Elixir Brew Co. Launched on ANZAC Day (April 25th) and

served with home made ANZAC biscuits.


Back To The Future Beer Festival

After months in the planning, and decades in the waiting, October 21st 2015 came around. Now known as 'Back To The Future Day'. We had 6 new beers made from some excellent breweries, and we got hands on and helped brew 4 of them. We had D.O.C Brown Ale from Drygate, McFly P.A from Cromarty, 1885: Smoking Gun Stout from Pilot Beer, 1955: American Lollipop from Alpha Project, 1985: Biff Lager from Alechmey and 2015: Rehydrated Pizza from Stewart Brewing's Craft Beer Kitchen. Money was raised on the night for Parkinson's Research, we showed all 3 films back to back.........oh and we had a REAL DE LOREAN parked outside.


Brew Day at Pilot Beer

Paul headed down to Leith to brew the '1885: Smoking Gun Stout' for the 'Back To The Future' Beer Festival


Brew Day at The Hanging Bat's Alpha Project

Bryan and Mike spend a day in The Hanging Bat, creating the '1955: American Lollipop', a Sour Root Beer for the 'Back To The Future' Beer Festival


Brew Day at Stewart Brewing

Stephen, Laura and Mike travel to the edge of Edinburgh to brew the '2015: Rehydrated Pizza Beer' for the 'Back To The Future' Beer Festival


Brew Day at Drygate

Tom and Mike travel to Glasgow to brew the D.O.C Brown Ale for the 'Back To The Future' Beer Festival.


Brew Day at Alechemy

The managers of The Bow Bar, Cloisters and The Stockbridge Tap got together to brew a beer in tribute of our late boss, Bill Strachan.


Dram Awards 2014

We were made a finalist for Best Whisky Bar in Scotland at the 2014 Dram Awards. A great night was had at the Glasgow Grand Central Hotel, made even better when we picked up the award!



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